The Hundred-Year-Old Man


“Things are what they are, and whatever will be will be.”


The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson had been on my radar for a while and had me intrigued (admittedly this was mainly because of its long-winded title). It then finally came into my possession when someone bought it for me for Christmas last year. I read it in February and it was about- wait for it- a hundred-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared. I did not see that coming(!).

However, there was far more to it than that, and it has in fact, quite unexpectedly, been an inspiration to me ever since.

Though a work of fiction, I found that The Hundred-Year-Old Man highlights the importance of the more mature members of the population. It reminds you, as a reader, that ‘old people’ were once young too and have endless pearls of wisdom and interesting tales to pass on from their years experiencing our planet. The novel as a whole enriched me with feelings of excitement for the life ahead of me, along with a reminder of why I should respect my elders (I highly recommend reading it!). But the main thing that stayed with me following my reading of the novel was the aforementioned quote:

‘Things are what they are, and whatever will be will be.’

Allan Karlsson (the book’s protagonist) lives by the motto, it being the main thing he remembers his mother telling him when he was a child. I since discovered that, if you set yourself up for a day with this very mindset, you enjoy the day far more; you see things as they are and fret far less over what they could have been or what you wanted them to be. Perhaps the message in The Hundred-Year-Old Man is that if you live life with this attitude, you will live a long life like Karlsson.

I feel that many books have an underlying message, or one that stands out to me most, and this is one of the main reasons I love to read; for what I can take away or learn from the pages of a book.

With this blog, I aim to share my love of all things creative. This is just the first post of many that will include review-type posts on books I read, quotes from books, inspiring artists, my own artwork, photography, creative writing tips, passages of my own written work, tea and delicious recipes.

So, in short: books, art, writing, tea and food!

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Thank you for reading,
The Cosy Onion


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