Painting with tea? Genius!


A while ago, I came across an artist called Carne Griffiths. I can’t quite remember how. I think it may have been whilst procrastinating using my friend StumbleUpon. But what worthwhile procrastination it turned out to be! Griffiths inspired the use of tea as a painting material in my most recent art piece (below).

The piece above, entitled ‘Eyes are the window to the soul’, contains my two favourite things: books and tea. The piece is entitled so, due to the old English proverb. It links to Griffiths’ work because his use of tea encouraged me to use it in my own artwork. I used it in this piece to colour the tea cascading from the teacup.

The use of tea to paint tea! Genius!

Inspired initially by ‘Yuanyang’ by Johnson Tsang (another talent for another time!), I wanted to create a piece whereby two things plummeted downwards, spilling their contents which subsequently mix to create something. I decided quite early on that the two things I wanted to use were a book and a teacup, because they are the two things closest to my heart. It then struck me, when the old English proverb came to mind, that an eye would be the perfect third element for my piece. I think that the things you love have a large impact on who you are, therefore: on your soul. I wanted to try and portray that message in this piece. It may not be obvious to those looking at it without an explanation, but that I don’t mind. I would hope that it looks pretty enough for people to enjoy looking at it despite not understanding the meaning and inspiration behind it.

Anyway, I digress. Carne Griffiths. What a fantastic artist.

Carne Griffiths

One of the main things I love about Griffiths’ beautiful works of art is the materials he uses to create them: ink, alcohol, natural colourings such as beetroot, and my (obvious) personal favourite- tea. When I revisited Griffiths’ artwork the second time, I was inspired to create my own response, mimicking his style (mainly the genius use of tea!).

I therefore created the piece below using tea, beetroot juice and ink.

Tea piece

I enjoyed using tea so much to paint with, that I carried it across to my larger piece (the one I mentioned previously). I love the colour it gives, although a significant perk of using it for painting is the marvellous aroma it gives off when it’s still wet on the page!

Here are a couple more of Griffiths’ beautiful pieces for you to feast your eyes on.

Carne Griffiths

Carne Griffiths

I wanted to share his work with you because it’s incredibly unique and he uses interesting materials. I just find it all very inspiring (as I’ve shown!). I urge you to look at more of his magnificent artwork; I’ve only included a couple of my favourites. If you didn’t look at his website where it’s embedded it at the start of this post, take a look at his Gallery now:

I sincerely hope that you appreciate his work as much as I do, and that you enjoyed getting a brief taste of my own artwork as a little unexpected bonus(!).

Thanks for reading!
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